Ice cream

Lacteco Supreme

INSTANT milk powders based on vegetable fat and milk protein. Dedicated for wide use in the food industry . The product has excellent taste and high solubility index:

  • Lacteco Supreme INSTANT 20% protein content
  • Lacteco Supreme INSTANT 18% protein content

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Lacteco PRO

The skimmed powder blend is a supplement of skimmed milk powder. The right selection of milk proteins enables effective use of the mix and cut the production costs:

  • Lacteco PRO 20% protein content
  • Lacteco PRO 25% protein content

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Lacteco BF 

TA functional blend of milk protein and vegetable fat. The fat and protein ratio are variable, depending on the final application and recipe. The right choice of milk proteins and high quality vegetable fat enables the use of the product in wide range of food production:

  • Lacteco BF 24% protein content

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